Take Steps to Discover Wonders

Crimson Asia is a bespoke trip planning service for travels to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. We design and plan bespoke travel programs for people who wish to travel to those destinations.

We handle it for you – every step of the way – so that you can have a wonderful travel experience with peace of mind and amazing fun.

With our extensive knowledge and personal experiences in those destinations, we help you to design your travel program, so that:

  • You won’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer planning of it all
  • You can customise the itinerary based on your tastes, preferences and interests (you travel the way you want it!)
  • You get to discover the amazing beauty and diversity of the South Asia region.

Our tagline is “Take Steps to Discover Wonders”, therefore we encourage you to take steps to discover the incredible wonders of this region. Along with our preferred and trusted travel partners in the respective local countries, we strive to give you experiences that are fun, unique, safe, inspirational, memorable and transformational.


Who do we design bespoke travel programs for?

  • Private tours (min. 2 persons)
  • Small group tours (10-15 people)
  • Corporate groups

Note: Our Founder, Kathleen Poon accompanies the tours when there are more than 6 people in a group. She works alongside with the local guides and travel partners, to ensure everyone is taken care of and having a great time 🙂


What bespoke travel programs do we have?

  • Standard Sightseeing Tours
  • Historical Interests
  • Wildlife or Mountains
  • Temples or Beaches
  • Spiritual Tours
  • Food/Culinary Experiences
  • Photography Adventures
  • Railway Journeys, or
  • Other special interests that you might have


How are we different from your travel agency?

  • Our guests don’t sign up for large group tours of 25-30 pax.
  • We provide customised itineraries based on your interests, hence the flexibility.
  • We have personal experiences travelling to those countries frequently, we give you insights, recommendations and travel tips.


Would you like us to design your travel program?

Email us at hello@crimsonasia.my for queries/bookings.

In the meantime, do follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram for regular updates of our programs….and for some travel inspiration too! 🙂