Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Crimson Asia is led by Kathleen Poon, a former senior manager in the financial industry & travel blogger.

Crimson Asia Founder Kathleen Poon
Kathleen Poon, Founder & Trip Planner of Crimson Asia

Kathleen has been travelling to India, Sri Lanka and Nepal frequently over the last decade – simply because, she has an enormous passion in discovering the wonders and diversity of these destinations. She has vast knowledge and experience about the South Asia region ranging from cultures and customs to cuisine, landscapes and places of interests to various travelling ways within the region.

Many travellers often express their desires to travel to the South Asia region (or the Indian sub-continent) but reluctant to take the ultimate plunge due to pre-conceived notions about safety, hygiene, massive crowds, language, logistics and so on.

The region is vast and diverse, thus travellers may feel overwhelmed with the sheer planning of it all. For instance, how to begin their research, where and when to go, what to see and do, how to go from one destination to another, where to stay, and the list goes on. With this, Kathleen set up Crimson Asia to help people travel to those destinations – with ease and peace of mind.

Our tagline is “Take Steps to Discover Wonders”, therefore we encourage you to take steps to discover incredible wonders of the region.

Let us handle it for you — every step of the way — so you can experience these incredible destinations with peace of mind and amazing fun.

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